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Easyfit Hearing provides a full hearing care service in Southeast London West Kent, East Sussex and parts of West Sussex and Surrey  (see map below)

Hearing aid home visiting service in Southeast London, West Kent, East Sussex and parts of West Sussex and Surrey

Why should I choose to have my hearing aids fitted at home?

Here are some of the reasons that people choose to have their hearing aids fitted at home:

Improved access to hearing aids for clients who find it difficult to travel

If you, or someone that you know finds it difficult to travel to a town centre location for a hearing consultation and fitting a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser will attend your home in order to avoid this problem. You will receive the same quality advice, attention and after-care as if you had visited one of the day centre locations.

Home visits incur extra costs and accordingly there is a charge for your hearing test and consultation.

Currently this is £45 refundable upon purchase and subsequent acceptance of your hearing aid(s).

More convenient hearing test appointments and travel savings

Costs for our hearing aids may be substantially below the prices charged in shopping centres by the national hearing aid companies. We will attend at your home or workplace (providing that there is a quiet area for the hearing test). You can agree a convenient time with us and avoid the costs of public transport or fuel and parking. Charges.

Listen to hearing aids in your own environment before signing a purchase order.

Most hearing aid companies provide the comfort of a 60 day money-back return policy, and we are no different. However we know that many patients still like to try out hearing aids before making any decision to complete a purchase.

We will demonstrate hearing aids to you in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes we may demonstrate hearing aids from multiple manufacturers. You will be able to talk to friends or family, watch a familiar television program or listen to a favoured radio station.

Accordingly you will be able to come to an informed decision about the hearing aids available to you from the various hearing aid manufacturing companies.

Simplified installation, we read through the instructions and you enjoy the devices that connect to your hearings

With so many hearing systems now comprising hearing aids and devices that connect wirelessly  it is usually much simpler to have your new system delivered and set up in your home.

Your registered hearing aid dispenser will check the contents of each box supplied and set up all the necessary equipment to connect your hearing aids to your TV and  land-line or mobile telephone. (If these products were selected at your hearing test).

You will then receive  a full demonstration on the use of your new hearing equipment in order that you will instantly enjoy improved hearing with  your new hearing aids.

If you work Monday to Friday, nine to five, arrange an appointment for a mid-week evening or possibly Saturday morning.

Appointments in the evening may be easily arranged, Weekend appointments may exceptionally be arranged.

Testing, fitting and ongoing aftercare in the comfort of your own home.

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